Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #81

If I were King of the World
tell you what I'd do
I'd throw away the cars and the Bars and the war
make sweet love to you
sing it now


Back in the day that song was in vogue, I probably
had lots of ideas on how to make the world a better
place. Now at 62 speeding towards 63 I can think of only
one and that is the Earth has to amputate the cancer that
is destroying it. That would be Man. It has to do something
drastic in order for it to repair itself. How many of us have
to be got rid of, I have no idea. What I do know is
that the religionists that believe that God in Heaven
will save them will be in for a bit of a shock because
they are just as much to blame for the end as
the ones that don't believe in anything at all.

Indian culture has generally conceived of the creation
and dissolution of the Universe is cyclic in nature.
It is recurrent. Before you scoff at this idea as romantic
drivel, be aware that there are many things coming out of
that ancient belief system that scientists have proven to
be correct and are now part of today's scientific fact, such
as there is no such thing as matter.

I am of the opinion that thought itself is creation. We can
not think of something that does not or will not exist
because we have thought it into the world of probability.
With that in mind the World or Universe could very well be
cyclical and Mother Earth through a few colossal earthquakes
along with it's devestating Tsunami's or Volcanic eruptions
to block out the sun for a year or more that would throw the
world into another Ice Age, could very clearly fix the problem.
Whether this will happen or not I have no idea. What I do know
is what is meant to happen will happen.

I am not an innocent here. I am as much to blame for the World's
present condition as the next guy. I drive a car, I am typing
this post on this plastic creation that I will most likely throw
away and get a newer, faster, smarter creation as soon as this one
can no longer do my bidding. I look around me and within this very
room I can see the waste and the cost to the environment that I have
created because of my desire to have a comfortable life and have all
the toys that I can afford. I also know that my children or my
children's children will have to pay the the ultimate price for my abuses.
What could a man do at 62 even if he were the King of The World.

Jeremiah was a bullfrog
Was a good friend of mine
I never understood a single word he said
But I helped him a-drink his wine
And he always had some mighty fine wine

God told Jeremiah, "You will go to them, but for their part,
they will not listen.


tricia stirling October 22, 2007 at 4:10 PM  

This is very true. sad, but true.

Josie Two Shoes October 23, 2007 at 4:52 PM  

A very thought provoking piece, Webster! The older we get, the easier it seems to be to to say "I know the answers but I am not willing to make the sacrifices." I know that I am not, and it shames me. Part of me wonders though, if things are meant to be used up - are even worlds expendable? Perhaps.