Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seven Random and / or Weird Things about Me.

1) I am techno challenged. Instruction booklets might as well be written in Greek because I'll be damned if I understand them. I need my children to assemble my electronic toys. Further to this I am a newbie when it comes to blogging and haven't got a clue how to tag someone or link back to a blog, so I couldn't participate in a meme even if I wanted to.

2) I hate chain letters, especially ones that predict wreck and ruin if not carried through. I want make little dolls of clay and stick pins up their asses whenever someone sends me one. So I am sitting here with a dilemma, if I want people to visit my site I should participate in as many memes as I can. I have no problem answering the questions, in fact they can be most enlightening if done with introspection. My biggest problem is passing them on to complete strangers. I know there is no obligation to participate but I feel uncomfortable at the present time. Hopefully I can build up friendships in time to make it easier to participate because it does seem like a lot of fun.

3) I don't like being laughed at or made out to be the fool. At one time this was a very sensitive button and once pushed an explosion of anger and rage would occur. It would bother me for days, sometimes weeks before I got over it. I have managed to rewire that button to some extant. I still get upset when it is pushed, but now it only lasts seconds because I realize that I am an ass , we are all asses, and there is nothing to be upset about, it's only my ego that's been challenged.

4) I am uncomfortable with heights and with speed. It's not a phobia per Se because I know I can talk my way through it and participate in the experiences, but I don't enjoy them. I'm not afraid of dying, maybe the opposite is true because I tend to play it safe and not take many chance in my life. Something I would correct if I got to live it over again.

5) I am a closet Anarchist. I don't buy into the argument that there would be total chaos if we had no governments. I am not under the illusion that we live in a free society and that governments are not for the people. Government protect the Old money and Corporations. Look at us; we are taxed to the hilt, owe our lives to the banks and work for the company store. Have you noticed that governments keep finding foreign enemies that threaten our existence and our very freedom (according to them), that way it diverts our attention outside and not focused on the real threat to our freedom that's happening inside our borders.

6) At some point in my youth I made a conscious decision to sit this life out. To not participate, to not play an active role other then provide myself with food and shelter. I have tried to live the better part of my life by walking down the exact centre of the road in the middle of the pack, not a leader, not a straggler, not living on the edge. Do I regret this decision? Absolutely. I was supposed to dance. I was supposed to experience it to the fullest because that was the real reason for my existence. Perhaps the realization of this fact has given it meaning.

7) I love movies and attend them alone if I have to, it doesn't matter if it's documentary, drama or action, I love them all. I cannot sit through a Horror film however, I get up and leave the room.


UL November 15, 2007 at 12:02 PM  

Hello There, chanced upon your blog from another blog, the meme made me stop to read as I had recently tried this myself and I am with you on 2,5 & 7. Surprisingly I am beginning to feel comfortable with people I meet in these writing memes.
Anyway, it was great to read your thoughts and get to know you a little. Thank you. Feel free to stop by at
Typing Away

Redness November 15, 2007 at 9:51 PM  

Give me ten please - great minds think alike - thank you so much for playing, much appreciated ;~)