Friday, July 20, 2007

[ Fiction ] Friday July20/07

Do your best to drop your odd-named character into your mix-and-match scene. Write the scene in the first person Point of View (POV) of the odd-named character. Your scene must have at least two characters.

As with anything creative you can take license to make the two fit together, but try not to ditch it and start over.

I'm not sure if I completely understand the challenge but here it is anyway.

"Ebb, I'm so sorry," said Larry; Ebb's longtime partner. "That was a stupid stunt. You could have had a heart attack! I mean that was some funny shit but totally irresponsible. "

"Yeah, well I should have known you were up to something. You have a real sick sense of humour, you know" Ebb replied, still shaking with the thought of the young guard collapsing out of the corner of his eye. "I bet if I would have fell to the floor and faked a heart attack all your little sphincters would have shut so tight you wouldn't have been able to pass a fart for a week."

" I didn't want you to go out with a whimper," Larry explained. You know the supermarket cake with a thousand candles, weak coffee. Three Cheers for Ebb! Hip Hip! For he's a jolly good fellow crap. I wanted you to go out in style. I wanted it to be memorable. They're going to be talking about this for years! That's no excuse though, it was dead wrong to put you through that. You could have died! You could have dropped a load in your shorts, then we would have to stand around and pretend that everything was right as rain. All perfume and flowers. At any rate I bought you a little something, from me to you because you have always covered my back and I appreciate that. he handed Ebb a box wrapped in brown paper stamped with office stamps .... Date, return to sender, past due etc.

"Thanks, you shouldn't have" said Ebb; " I'll open it later."

" No Ebb I think you should open it now and leans in to whisper in Ebb's ear. I got your back buddy, it's a dozen pair of boxer shorts.

Ebb looked at Larry who was trying with his might to hold it all together, tears streaming down his face all the while choking on suppressed laughter. " You Bastard! I should have drawn my gun and shot you when I had the chance." Ebb said with a huge grin.


paisley July 20, 2007 at 6:27 PM  

very cute.. i liked the whole story... you had me up till the last in the previous installment,, and this was a really cute follow up....

Finn July 20, 2007 at 8:13 PM  

Hmm. Were you a cop? Because this is exactly the sort of thing they'd do!