Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where I come from

"Where I come from a true gentleman stands and offers a lady a seat." He was addressing a tall lanky University student sitting on the bench seat directly in front of him. The bus was full of students, packed in like sardines, on their way to their 8:30 class. A young mother with a toddler in tow and loaded down with a backpack full of the child's clothes had just got on board, probably on the way to a Daycare or a Sitter before she herself made her way to work.

"When exactly was that grand-dad, back in the day?" the young student said while continuing to listen his music player.

He rose and offered the young lady his seat and stood directly in front of the smart-ass who was now busy playing with something on his bloody toy. He looked around him and saw that everyone was either plugged in or typing on one device or another. A bus full of bobble heads looking out the windows or at their screens not wanting to acknowledge what was going on around them. Not wanting to get involved. Back in my day, he thought. Back in my day I would have ripped you another asshole. I would have torn your scrawny head off and threw it out the window. That's what I would have done back in my day. He could feel his blood pressure begin to rise and his head begin to throb. He tried to focus on the beautiful day outside. Snowbanks melting in the warm March sun. The hissing of tires on wet pavement through the open windows of the bus. He could feel the cool air wash over him as he stood jammed and jostled on the tightly packed bus.

When he woke up a police officer was pressing something to his forehead and the young lady that he stood for was holding his hand.

"That's a nasty cut you have. I've managed to stop the bleeding but I'm going to get an officer to drive you to the hospital,I think your going to need stitches. We'll take your statement there." the officer said as he helped him to his feet. "For the record, the young man stated that you threw his iphone out the window. Is that a fact?"

He looked out the front window of the bus and seen the lanky student standing by a patrol car waving his hands wildly and pleading with another officer who was trying to get him into the backseat of a cruiser.
"Really? he said; Where I come from that wouldn't be fitting behavior for a gentleman."


Mary March 22, 2009 at 1:22 PM  

This is my favorite scribbling that I've read today. Absolutely perfect.

missalister March 23, 2009 at 1:28 PM  

Ha! I loved the blackout effect in combination with the last lines. It left a pleasing element of doubt as to whether our man-of-the-day did the iPhone ass-kicking or not.

ThomG June 16, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

Perfectly logical - and wonderfully executed.